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Penetration Testing Delivers Critical, Actionable Cybersecurity Insights

One way to pre-emptively protect your business against a cyberattack is to carry one out. Penetration testing, also referred to as pen testing or ethical hacking, simulates an authorized cyberattack on your business. The invaluable insights shed light on where your most critical security weaknesses lie.

The team at HUB Tech is experienced in carrying out penetration testing in a number of industries and routinely utilizes these innovative tests to uncover vulnerabilities, potential business outcomes and the appropriate fixes.

Penetration Testing from HUB Tech Provides: 

Penetration Testing Boston

Vulnerability scanning as a service (VaaS) continuously monitors your systems to keep your business ahead of the ever-changing threat landscape.

Compliance Adherence

Highly regulated industries typically require penetration testing as an advanced security tool to protect sensitive data.

Expert IT Security Insights

Pen testing provides useful insights into how your network responds to an attack so we can fine-tune future preparedness.

Bolstered Cybersecurity

Our technical, social and business acumen allows us to provide informed findings that zero in on key vulnerabilities.

Informed, Smart Spending

Save time and money by directing your focus and spending on securing your most critical assets.

Our Cybersecurity Solutions Include:


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