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HUB Tech provides Fast, Secure, User-Friendly Deployment Services.

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PC Deployment Done Right

PC deployment may sound straightforward, but if done incorrectly can result in productivity drops and even loss of data. HUB Tech’s technicians take a systematic approach to your installation, so you don’t have to worry about extended downtime or costly security errors.

Whether you have a single order or a large-scale rollout, our experienced team takes special care of your PC deployment, ensuring a smooth, secure experience.

PC Deployment Solutions from HUB Tech Provide: 

Fast, Hassle-Free Service

We perform development and testing of new equipment and verify functionality and network connectivity.

Government-Qualified Rollouts
We’re qualified to perform state and local government rollouts, and we can order direct from the manufacturer. We are on the following state contracts – ITC73, ITT72, ITS78 and OFF50.
Comprehensive Support

Our team can handle everything from labeling and inventory to delivery, disposal or redeployment.

Secure Service from One Source

Our PC Deployment Solutions package includes security consulting and sanitization service to Department of Defense (DOD) standards.

Asset Management

We can provide lifecycle documentation, including serial numbers and locations of equipment deployed.

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