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Cybersecurity Training Is More Effective Than Any Technology

Many people are surprised to learn the number one cause of data security breaches is human error. Staff members innocently click on a link and unwittingly give cybercriminals the keys to your network. The good news is you can proactively defend your business with cybersecurity awareness training.

The HUB Tech team can teach your staff how to recognize a potential threat and what to do when they see it. By learning how to identify signs and practicing good habits, your staff can be a formidable front-end defense against sophisticated cyberthreats.

Cybersecurity Training from HUB Tech Provides: 

Social Engineering Threat Prevention

We teach your staff how to recognize the tell-tale hallmarks of phishing and whaling scams.

Engaging Technical Security Training

Our team takes into account how different people learn and teaches through a variety of audio and visual tools.

Industry Best Practices

Regular application of proven email and text security practices can thwart the most sophisticated of social engineering threats.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We make it easy and affordable to generate sustained awareness and keep your staff appraised of the latest threats.

Simulated Phishing Tests

Your staff can safely learn from the best through tests expertly crafted to replicate clever scams.  

Our Cybersecurity Solutions Include:


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